How to cure red face from applying cream!

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How to cure red face from applying cream!

how to get rid of red face from applying cream For people with allergic rashes, red rashes or itching after applying the cream This may be caused by allergies to certain substances in the cream. Today we have a solution to recommend each other. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Stop using the cream immediately. 

when feeling itchy or begin to have red marks on the face Try to see if there is a chance that the cream is being used or not. If you recently changed your skin cream or feel like you might be allergic Immediately stop using that cream. to wait and see the symptoms and preventing them from losing more than before

Do not scratch or touch the red spots. 

It’s something many people do immediately after itching and redness. It is scratching or touching the surface often. Because both itching and wanting to know what the redness is from But don’t do it! Refrain from scratching or touching the red rash. Be patient, or it may worsen.

Wash your face with plain water or saline. 

Hurry and wash your face clean with water or saline. Or use facial cleansing foam that is gentle on the skin, those with a medium pH of about 5.5, then use a soft towel. In order to clear the cream from the skin. Reduce inflammation or itching

Cold compresses to relieve redness. Then quickly apply a cold compress to relieve the redness by using a Cold Pad wrapped in a towel and applying it to the red, itchy skin. will help reduce redness and relieve itching symptoms as well

Apply fresh aloe vera to reduce inflammation. For people whose itching has decreased May use fresh aloe vera. Apply on the skin where there is inflammation. to help reduce itching irritation and add moisture to the skin But be careful when cutting and applying it to your face. If you are unsure, you may skip this step and see your doctor.

See a doctor for proper treatment. The best way to treat rashes, redness caused by allergies to creams on the spot. That is, you should hurry to see a dermatologist. and bring the cream suspected to be allergic Stick to the doctor to help see the ingredients of the cream as well. to find a way to treat it on point And can stop the inflammation in time, does not spread to the point that it is difficult to cure