Rafael Benitez looks at Liverpool to push the Newcastle off the top 4.

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Rafael Benitez the former manager of two clubs like Liverpool and Newcastle looks to snatch the Champions League ticket from the top 4 English Premier League this season. at Salika Dong who has less experience lost in the end.

‘Reds’ were strong at the end of defeating Leicester 3-0 earlier this week. Bringing the full 21 points to 65 points from 36 matchdays, just 1 point behind ‘Salika Dong’ and Manchester United. But playing more than one match.  

Form like a ten-wheeler with broken brakes running down the hill. Causing the last two matches that Jurgen Klopp’s team will meet. With Aston Villa (home), Southampton (away) will probably do their job. It was successful according to the opinion of Rafael.

Will only worry about Newcastle. If there is still a lack of consistency has been wiped out. Because of the last 3 games, the queue is hard against Brighton, Leicester and Chelsea UFABET

He told Sky Sports.

“It’s a huge priority for both Liverpool and Newcastle.”

“Everyone knows playing in the Champions League, participating in the European Club Championship. Big events mean a lot of money coming in. And you can sign better players. Because they have more incentive to go to the CL.” 

“Newcastle may have a better situation but in the end who knows where it will go.”

“Liverpool are doing very well at the moment, but Salika Dong has faith, good management. and the necessary balance to collect more points, maintain the rank.”

“How long can you stay at rank 3? Let’s wait and see. Seriously, this year, the big legs, 2-3 teams, did not play with the level of performance that was expected. 

“Which time Newcastle is still there. And there is a vitreous duct to be able to remain there. I think that in the future it can be done. and would make football fans happy.” 

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