How to play Kao Ka 2 cards

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How to play Kao Ka 2 cards

As for how to play , two nine cards are somewhat more detailed than other types of play. Because it requires the use of some techniques that are more than luck to help, for example, if our cards are low. but our hearts want to stay It may also be necessary to use a raise method to make people think that we have the upper hand and have a chance to discard. It’s like bluffing in poker. By doing this, you are eliminating competitors. So let’s see how they play at UFABET each round.

  • In the first round, kao ka table is set for all players to place equal bets. and then even dealt 2 cards to each person after receiving the cards, if you want to continue playing, you have to place more bets In a match, all remaining players must keep wagering until their stake is equal to the player’s maximum bet.

for example The first player places 100 chips, who wants to continue playing, must also place 100 chips. When everyone has placed their bets, they will start the next round.

  • In the second round , the dealer deals 1 card each to the remaining players, then the players start playing. (Add more bets) Betting in this round, each player tends to throw a lot. Keep playing until the maximum bet is equal to qualify for the final round.
  • Measurement round After playing in the second round The remaining players will have to show their hand to measure. Only the person with the highest score wins and sweeps back all the prize pools. It’s the end of the game immediately.

Techniques for playing nine

Because two nine-card is a style of play that makes the situation always turn around. There are times when the first two cards may look good. But only when you get another card It turns out that the good cards become bad. mindful betting There is a principle that is necessary Therefore, in the first round, we will not be too big. Just enough to get into the next round is enough.