Things to know about frozen food.

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The frozen food does not affect the nutrients. The nutrients in various foods are preserved even after the freezing process. But freezing pork, beef, duck and chicken. It will cause a slight change in the nutritional value.

frozen food does not eliminate microorganisms. Freezing food at 0 degrees Celsius inhibits the activity of microorganisms in the food. But it didn’t cause death. When food thaws. These microorganisms may reactivate and multiply in certain conditions.ทางเข้า ufabet

Fruits and vegetables will expand in size when frozen. Because it has a high water content. Water freezes inside the flesh of fruits and vegetables, causing the cell walls to break. Sometimes we feel that frozen fruit that has been thawed has a more mushy texture than before.

If the power goes out.

the freezer door should not be left open. A freezer full of food can keep food cold for another 1-2 days if the freezer is not opened. As for the freezer, which is only half full. It will last about 1 day. If the refrigerator is not full, various foods should be placed together in groups to help maintain the coolness better. But pork and poultry should be kept separate from other foods to prevent juices from leaking into the meat when thawing. 

To keep cool during a power outage, dry ice or ice bags may be placed in the freezer. Or move it to other freezers and when the refrigerator works normally. You should check the food in the cabinet. If there is still some part of it that is ice. There are ice cubes on it. Or is it still as cool as if it were in the refrigerator at normal times? Can be frozen again or used for cooking. But food whose temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius for more than 2 hours. Or is contaminated with water from various types of fresh meat should not be used.